"Asserting that a photograph is never the mechanical representation of reality my goal has always been to use the medium of photography as a way to translate into a visual form aspects of our inner world."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Francesco Cascavilla

Born in Italy in 1991, Francesco Cascavilla studied drawing and painting at the Blue Door Art School in Rome. Upon graduation he moved to Berlin where he discovered his passion for photography. 

He began as a freelance assistant to various photographers to develop his craft. He then started to work as a portraitist and fashion and art photographer for various magazines like Kaltblut, DRØME, Indie Magazine, Male Model Scene, Collectible Dry Magazine and Pornceptual. He also worked with international companies like UYstudio, Universal Music Group and Polaroid Originals. 

Inspired by the exciting nightlife and artistic landscape of the German capital city, Cascavilla chooses to actively promote a new perspective on the concept of identity and self-expression through his work. His works intend to be visual expressions of personal reflections, with the power to challenge and inspire the viewer. 

In 2015, Cascavilla cooperated with Pornceptual Magazine on the art series "Species" and "Fantasies," in which sexuality and gender identity were presented under a new and unexpected light of understanding.

In a 2016 interview to Daily Bread Magazine, fashion editor Marcel Schlutt announced Cascavilla as one of the top 5 upcoming fashion photographers in Berlin to look out for. Cascavilla’s unmistakable signature is his meticulous attention to authenticity and introspection. 

His photographs challenge traditional concepts of beauty, sexuality and gender. As the magazine Gallerytalk declared in an interview with Cascavilla, "In Francesco Cascavilla's work both photographer and models make themselves naked. No, not literally but emotionally. It is about intimacy, vulnerability and the art of self-acceptance"

Francesco currently lives in Rome. 

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